The Wagner Free Institute of Science

The Wagner Free Institute of Science is a fascinating museum housed in an elegant Victorian building. It was founded in the mid-1800s by William Wagner, a businessman who wanted to provide free science education to adults. Today, the institute continues this mission by offering insightful lectures, classes, and exhibits focused on natural history. Highlights of the museum’s collection include over 250,000 specimens of plants, insects, fossils, minerals, and more. Displays feature creatures like giant tortoises, exotic birds, alligators, and even a thylacine. The institute also houses Native American artifacts, meteorites, dinosaur bones, and full skeletons of creatures like the Irish elk. History and science buffs alike will love exploring the Wagner Free Institute of Science. Located in North Philadelphia, this hidden gem provides a peek into the past while showcasing the wonders of our natural world. The Wagner Free Institute of Science Address: 1700 W Montgomery Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19121 Phone: (215) 763-6529

The Mütter Museum

From medical oddities to disturbing displays, the Mütter Museum isn’t for the faint of heart. But for those with a strong stomach, this fascinating museum provides an intriguing look at the history of medicine. Originally part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Mütter Museum was founded in 1858. It houses an extraordinary collection of medical specimens, instruments, models, and photographs. Exhibits feature everything from malformed fetuses in jars to the death cast of Chang and Eng Bunker, the famous “Siamese twins.” Other highlights include the Soap Lady, a corpse turned into a morbid statue made of adipocere, and a wall of skulls showcasing the disturbing effects of neurosyphilis. While not for everyone, the Mütter Museum is an unforgettable hidden gem for those who appreciate the macabre side of science. The Mütter Museum Address: 19 S 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: (215) 560-8564

The Rodin Museum

For art lovers visiting Philadelphia, the Rodin Museum is an absolute must-see hidden gem. This petite museum houses the largest collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin outside of Paris. Rodin was a renowned French sculptor best known for iconic works like The Thinker and The Kiss. The Rodin Museum opened in 1929 to showcase over 140 of the artist’s sculptures, including bronze castings, plaster studies, and marble works. The museum’s collection was originally a gift to the city of Philadelphia from movie theater magnate Jules Mastbaum. It is now operated by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition to viewing Rodin’s works up-close, visitors can also stroll through the museum’s elegant gardens. The Rodin Museum provides an exceptionally intimate art experience in a quiet, sophisticated setting. It’s a true hidden treasure waiting to be discovered in Philly’s artistic Fairmount section. The Rodin Museum Address: 2151 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Phone: (215) 763-8100

Pennypack Park

Covering over 1,600 acres, Pennypack Park is a verdant oasis in the midst of bustling Northeast Philadelphia. This massive green space features woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and waterways just waiting to be explored. Outdoor enthusiasts will love hiking and biking along miles of trails that wind through the park. Anglers can cast their lines in Pennypack Creek, which runs through the park and contains plenty of trout. Boating and kayaking are also popular activities. In addition to unspoiled nature, Pennypack Park contains sporting facilities, playgrounds, and other attractions. Highlights include the Frankford Avenue Bridge, an impressive stone arch bridge built in 1697. Nature programs and community events are hosted here as well. For a refreshing outdoor escape from the city without venturing too far, Pennypack Park can’t be beat. This huge park is an oasis of forests, fields, trails, and waterways right in Philadelphia’s own backyard. Pennypack Park Address: 8600 State Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19136 Phone: (215) 685-9284

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Sure, Philly is renowned for cheesesteaks. But Lorenzo and Sons Pizza is a delicious hidden gem proving the city knows great pizza too. Tucked away in South Philadelphia on just a small residential block, this no-frills neighborhood spot serves up piping hot pies loved by locals. The pizza here is authentic Philly-style with a thin crust, just the right amount of chewy crispiness, and a swirl of salty aged provolone cheese. Toppings include classics like pepperoni, sausage, and onions as well as eccentric choices like broccoli rabe, roasted tomatoes, and hot banana peppers. Lorenzo’s also serves tasty hoagies, stromboli, and homemade cannoli for dessert. With its low prices, casual charm, and perfect pizza, Lorenzo and Sons is an under-the-radar favorite. Make sure to come hungry, as slices here are ginormous! Just don’t wear your favorite outfit, as the flour-filled air may leave you with a dusting of white on your clothes. Lorenzo and Sons Pizza Address: 305 Oregon Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148 Phone: (215) 389-0659

The Polish American Cultural Center Museum

Who knew that Philadelphia had such a thriving Polish American community? One of the best places to learn about this history is at the fascinating Polish American Cultural Center Museum. Through engaging exhibits and cultural events, this hidden gem spotlights the experiences and contributions of Polish immigrants in Philadelphia. Exhibits at the museum cover topics like Polish artists, historical icons, folk costumes, decorative arts, WWII artifacts, religious traditions, local Polish American businesses, and more. Rotating exhibits highlight different aspects of Polish culture too. The center also hosts events like film screenings, lectures, language classes, and holiday celebrations. Whether you have Polish ancestry or simply want to learn about this vibrant immigrant community, the Polish American Cultural Center Museum is a must-visit. It provides colorful insights into Philly’s diverse cultural landscape by preserving an often overlooked part of the city’s heritage. The Polish American Cultural Center Museum Address: 308 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Phone: (215) 627-3360

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Nestled along side Fairmount Park’s tranquil West Park lake lies Shofuso, a serene haven for admiring Japanese architecture and horticulture. This hidden gem offers a beautifully crafted 17th-century style Japanese house and garden to explore. Shofuso was originally built in 1953 for a museum exhibition in New York City showcasing Japanese culture. After being relocated to Philadelphia as a gift from Japan, this historic building was reconstructed in West Fairmount Park. Visitors can tour the traditional Japanese home and participate in classes like calligraphy, flower arranging, or tea ceremony. But the real highlight is strolling through the lush gardens. With weeping cherry trees, an arched bridge, and a pond filled with koi fish, this idyllic setting provides a taste of old Japan without ever leaving Pennsylvania. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden Address: Horticultural and Lansdowne Drives, Philadelphia, PA 19131 Phone: (215) 878-5097

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Mosaic art fans will be mesmerized by Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a one-of-a-kind labyrinthine mosaic workshop and gallery space. Created by muralist Isaiah Zagar, this whimsical art environment covers over 10,000 square feet and includes a sprawling outdoor area. Using handmade tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels, mirror fragments, and other found objects, Zagar has created his own wonderland. The space is bursting with visual stimuli, from swirls of color to inventive textures to quirky sculptures. Inside, you can view the onsite gallery and watch artists at work in the mosaic studio. Outside, lose yourself wandering around three stories of mosaicked walls, walkways, arches and tunnels. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an incredible hidden gem for the artsy set. The passion and vision behind this massive mosaic space is palpable. It’s no wonder Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens has become a beloved grassroots arts institution and top offbeat attraction. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens Address: 1020 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 Phone: (215) 733-0390

Laurel Hill Cemetery

It may seem strange to visit a cemetery for enjoyment, but Laurel Hill Cemetery is no ordinary graveyard. This National Historic Landmark cemetery is located along the Schuylkill River and is the perfect spot for those who appreciate unique sculpture art and architecture. Established in 1836, Laurel Hill was one of the country’s first “rural” cemeteries – graveyards designed like serene sculpture gardens instead of gloomy plots. The cemetery is the final resting place for many noteworthy Philadelphians. The grounds are dotted with elaborate mausoleums, statues, and other memorials that serve as outdoor art. Go on a self-guided walking tour using the cemetery’s map to view impressive gravesites like merchant John Wanamaker’s granite tomb and brewer Christian Schmidt’s whimsical sculpture plot. Free guided tours of Laurel Hill are offered monthly from April to November. With its timeless beauty and artistic landscape, this cemetery is an unforgettable hidden gem. Laurel Hill Cemetery Address: 3822 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132 Phone: (215) 228-8200

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Literary buffs won’t want to miss this hidden historic site commemorating one of America’s most influential authors. The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is located in Philadelphia’s Spring Garden neighborhood and preserves the home where Poe lived from 1843 to 1844. This is the only surviving residence of Poe in Philadelphia. Poe wrote some of his most well-known works while living in this modest brick rowhome, including the spine-tingling tale “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Here, visitors can take a ranger-guided tour to view artifacts owned by Poe and see the actual desk where he composed works that would define the horror and mystery genres. Exhibits focus on Poe’s time in Philly and explore his legacy. Fans of Poe’s chilling stories and poems will love taking a peek into the author’s life at this oft-overlooked historic site – it’s the perfect literary pilgrimage destination. Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site Address: 532 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 Phone: (215) 597-8780

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